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Can we stop telling people they might be Many will disagree, but if you are married, it’s never a good idea to tell someone single that they might never meet someone. For me, it feels callous and lacking compassion to tell someone that their and I believe we are missing the truth we desire to communicate. You pull her aside in her elation and inform her, “Just so you know…your child may die before reaching kindergarten. So don’t place all your hope in the life inside you.” Is it true? Some children tragically, especially in early stages of pregnancy. If you look at Bible as a whole, the main verse people use to discuss this call to singleness is 1 Corinthians 7.That God might call them to ‘singleness’ as if he also might call them to endure cancer. But did you know Paul was writing during a time of great distress?


Instead of dwelling on or telling someone that “God may call you to singleness”–which is always the exception not the norm–what if we talked about contentment and trusting God with the future? Not everyone reading this post will find a spouse, just like none of us are guaranteed a job or kids or even a long life. I suggest we communicate the truth in a different light.


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