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– Chapter 1 begins with Mark and Grace’s story, in which Mark and Grace appear first as an unmarried, sexually active couple; second as an unhappily married, sexually dysfunctional couple; and third as restored and reconciled husband and wife. Chapter 2, “Friends with Benefits” instructs readers about the necessity of being best friends with one’s spouse.

Chapter 3, “Men and Marriage,” is Mark’s effort to exhort men to grow up, take responsibility, and be the godly servant leaders that God has called them to be in their homes.

Chapter 8 addresses the pervasive problem of pornography and its devastating impact on both the individuals who produce it and those who consume it.

– Chapter 6 instructs spouses not to regard sex as “God” (which is idolatry) nor as “gross” (which is prudishness) but as “gift” (which is God’s intention).


[] - In this week's Inbox, a listener says her friend recently got engaged, but her fiancé is not a believer.

, Mark and Grace share candidly about the significant sexual brokenness that afflicted the early years of their own marriage and about how the Lord delivered them from it.


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