Marg helgenberger george eads dating

reported that Eads will indeed leave the show after the current season.

It is being said that the split between CBS and George Eads was a mutual thing and it wasn’t one of those things where he asked for more money or anything. What is known is that his character’s exit will somehow be connected to the resolution of the infamous Gig Harbor Killer case.


According to , found out about the situation, she called Eads to talk to him about it.The show also provided guest roles for musicians who were already famous, such as Taylor Swift in 2009 and Justin Bieber in 2010, who both left an indelible impression.We'll stay in touch for sure." The show featured many of today's biggest stars before they became household names, from Emmy winner Viola Davis, who guest-starred in 2002, to Taraji P.Henson, who appeared in 2006, to Dakota Fanning, who was just five when she was a guest in 2000.


"[William Petersen] and I did have a wonderful chemistry together and a mutual love and respect for one another," Helgenberger admitted.

"I hope we get to do that again at some point down the line and with all the other actors as well.


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