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The Annapolis Hand Center was founded with the vision of delivering superior care for patients with upper extremity problems. Tom Dennis has provided the highest quality treatment for injuries and diseases of the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand ranging from simple problems to the most complicated conditions.The staff at the Hand Center is committed to providing our patients with the very best through state-of-the-art surgical and non-surgical treatment. Tom Dennis is a board certified orthopaedic hand surgeon and a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and the American Society for Surgery of the Hand .Joe Frazier, the persistent rival he beat mercilessly and magnificently here yesterday to settle all the arguments between and about them, could quit for different reasons.There is, quite simply, nowhere else for Frazier to go in boxing without diminishing himself. This man can claim full share in a performance that for its combination of brutality, bravery and beauty belongs in a special niche in the memory."There was a possibility that Joe could have gone on to be very seriously hurt," said Futch.His friend Ian Wooldridge of the Daily Mail remembered: "Once, ad libbing his report by telephone from a Ali fight in New York against a pressing deadline, he said to the copy taker: 'Hold on, the applause is so deafening that I'll stop for a minute.' The copytaker replied: 'OK, Frank, but it ain't that bloody great.'" Here is how Frank reported the Thrilla In Manila...This report first appeared in the Daily Mirror on Thursday October 2 1975 under the headline 'It Was Next To Death' If Muhammad Ali's off-the-cuff utterances can ever be believed, we may have seen the last fight of arguably the most fascinating and talented world heavyweight champion of them all.He also holds the highest certification for hand surgery with a Certificate of Added Qualifications for surgery of the hand.



It was the third and final bout in a rivalry that started in 1971, where Frazier defeated Ali in Madison Square Garden.The second, in 1974, Ali fought back with a 12-round decision victory, before 18 months later the pair fought in one of the best bouts in history. Frank Mc Ghee (1930-2000) was the Mirror's voice of sport for 30 years and covered all of Muhammad Ali's biggest moments in boxing, including this one.Futch, adamantly the boss in any corner he works, told me: "Joe would go the line with one arm cut off if you asked him to.But I couldn't allow it." He called over the referee Carlos Padilla, said "That’s it" - and cut off Frazier’s gloves.

If we never see either of them again, they will remain unforgettable for it.Ali, typically was the more elaborate, Frazier the more basic about what it was like to share that Philippines ring together. "When a fight as hard as this one gets to the 14th round you feel like dying. You want to throw up." Frazier said simply: "I couldn't see the punches coming no more. But I wanted to go on." Because he is the man he is, he still pleaded with manager Eddie Futch in the corner before the 15th round: “Don't stop it. I can still make it." One hard-bitten photographer, focusing intently on the argument in that corner, swears there were tears trickling from those eyes buried, blind, beneath bruises.


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