Mandating physical

The officer’s survival during an aggressive encounter literally depends on good health and fitness.There is a relationship between fitness and job performance.Public safety officers that do not meet physical standards should consider occupations that do not require employees to be physically fit.All members of public safety organizations deserve qualified officers who are able to provide excellent services without health concerns.Therefore, it is essential that public safety officers be physically tested twice annually to assess their ability to perform job-related tasks. Implementation Strategies Poor physical fitness is an officer safety issue that must be rectified.Mandatory physical fitness tests assist with reducing poor physical fitness. Mandatory bi-annual physical fitness tests will identify officers who are a safety liability and health risk.

Test to Certify The purpose of mandatory bi-annual physical fitness tests is to certify that officers are able to perform job-related tasks.Mandatory bi-annual physical fitness tests are administered twice annually and measure the officer’s ability to perform job-related tasks.


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