Managing cam chat site clock backdating

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Drupal6 integration demo can be tested by registering a free account on the Video Conference Software Drupal 6 powered website.

The module manages configuring the video chat software, creating video chat rooms with multiple settings, listing rooms, accessing room links and removing rooms.

Drupal 7 integration includes Drupal Pay Per View Streaming support.



- This module requires Video Whisper Rooms (vwrooms), Video Whisper Credits (vwcredits) and Date_api , Date_popup (from Date package). Click Permissions for 2 Way Video Chat on Modules screen and enable permissions as desired.Install (Install new module) and enable these requirements first (one by one or with all modules pack - recommended). Click Configure for 2 Way Video Chat on Modules screen, and fill your rtmp application path (get it from step 1). Also give users permissions for Node section to create, edit, delete their own nodes.


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