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Re Tamil is populated by happening and friendly chatters.


Indian chat rooms online wherein you can get an exclusively Tamil chat service are few and far in between and this little India chat room not only aspires to cater to the needs of the Indian online community but also to be the best in the business, providing an Indian chat room platform for Indians by Indians. Meet and mingle with Indian people from any state, city or town and have an exciting time getting to know them on Indian chat.There is variety in our Indian chat service – besides the ordinary texting chats, you can also partake in voice and video chats and perhaps find company to spice your life up via our Tamil chat service.Tamil chat only features profiles which are not fake.Our members at Tamil chat are active and there is guarantee of no bogus and malicious accounts involved.


Org (Tamila Team) has been relaunched on 25 March 2014.Being a Malaysia Indians Online Portal, It also offers a Tamil Chat Room that gives real and natural chatting experience with breakthrough mobile chat, video chat and voice technologies features.


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