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Also, I had his female co-workers calling me up to ask when he would be home and they weren`t business calls!Just go out with one and two things become obvious: Don`t leave home without your American Express card and `All You Can Eat` takes on a whole new meaning. He is not easy to please, easily angered, not easy to live with, easily divorced and flies his own light aircraft (with ease).``As in any profession there are a few who do not fit the stereotype.Some of us have broader perspectives, appreciate the finer qualities in others, are very enjoyable to be around, are looking to build permanent and strong relationships and have no interest in flying light aircraft. Please do not use my name.``-- Judi, dated a doctor for seven months: ``He was the most gorgeous creature I ever laid eyes on.


It is and it isn`t true what they say about doctors and nurses.``-- Sunny, married to a male nurse for 6 years: ``He called his job a `fox in a hen house.` The tales he brought home were something else.Women showing off their implants, propositioning him.N.: ``Sure, some nurses are `easy` and so are some business executives, airline pilots, accountants, maids and every other known professionals.Some doctors do have extra-marital affairs with nurses and patients, but some are also very happily married.

They seem to feel comfortable only with their own fellow doctors. This either puts a guy on edge or at ease, depending upon his personality.``-- Brad, a doctor at the University of Chicago: ``What are doctors like to date?The best place to be with a doctor is the operating room.``-- Jack, works with nurses: ``I think they`re cheap. The doctor stereotype (nerdicus medicus) is often described as a male, committed to his work, one-sided, lacking appreciation of the arts, wealthy, materialistic, dependent on instant gratification, at times hedonistic and consumed with his own work and well-being.


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