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Digital media artist Lena NW (or if she's rapping, Fellatia Geisha), has created a dating simulation called "Fuck Everything", a game based on Japanese Otaku culture that takes the player through weird and not so wonderful sexual scenarios, each one as stomach-churning as the next.Soundtracked by Lena herself, the game is a dreamlike walkthrough of nightmarishly aggressive social/sexual situations.So why not make a game where you always got killed or raped? In my game I allude to this FSU Men Measure Up campaign that's supposed to be our rape culture and awareness safety club on campus, where they cover up rape culture instead of try to post honest facts about it so people can try and protect themselves/want to make a change – WTF!Dazed: What were your references for "Fuck Everything?

Lena is a Studio Art major at Florida State University who courted controversy in May when she published a painting of the university's star quarterback receiving a blowjob.

We came across her work yesterday on Rhizome and decided to get in touch to ask her about "Fuck Everything" and what she's trying to say.

" but still stay their with her tits bouncing in your face while you simply select a more appropriate option like "you're beautiful".

You don't die or go to jail, and you always end up fucking her.

The game seeks to confront the misogynistic attitudes displayed towards women online, in hip-hop, in gaming and IRL.

Lena explains that it's "a reaction to pornography becoming normative and incredibly accessible through its online proliferation, its impact on culture, and the gender ideals it transmits." She also wants to explore sexuality and gender roles in the context of cyber and fantasy subcultures and delve deep into what she says is an apparent fostering of rape culture in America.


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