Malaysia free sex dating sites dating a girl at a different college


I'm shocked that so many people think is such a great site.

I just tried it, and sure I got flooded with emails, friend requests and meet requests, but every single one of them was from a bogus profile.

Controlling our love life with a flick of the finger on our smartphone with the same ease we check messages from work or order products from online stores.

The company packs the women's profiles with scads of them, far more bogus ones than the real ones, and then they have employees send out these emails and meet requests to make it look like the site is filled with hot, eager, horny young women.

I was suspicious from the beginning, for I started getting meet requests when I had signed up with just my username, age and email address -- before I even created a profile or posted a pic.

Once in a while there's an exception, but they're rare.

The day I signed up for sexsearch, I had 15 emails and meet requests, and God knows how many friend requests, all supposedly from beautiful, horny young girls under 30. It would be a wonderful world if such things happened, but that's not reality, it's a scam.

Before I cancelled I'd had scores of such requests to meet in person, yet every time I'd respond to set up this meet, they would evade, just coming back with one sentence emails that committed to nothing. I don't like being scammed, and I really hate paying for the privilege of being scammed.


No girl is going to ask to meet you without a profile or a picture.

Plus, I'm a 50 year old guy -- yes, I'm pretty hot for an old guy, but I'm still 50, and I know from long experience that girls in their mid 20's are almost never interested in a guy my age.


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