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says that the struggle to regain custody of Rocco has actually bonded Madonna and Sean Penn.Since their 1989 divorce, Madonna and Sean Penn have remained friends, but now it seems to be a bit more, and they have bonded over her struggle to regain custody of Rocco from Guy Ritchie., Madonna has made frantic attempts on social media to reach out to son Rocco.“Everyone knows that Sean Penn is back with Madonna,” he source explained.The magazine supposed that it’s not difficult to imagine that Rocco Ritchie might not like Sean Penn, especially considering that Penn used to be married to Madonna and was allegedly abusive towards the Material Girl.That’s why Rocco left.” But the same source alleges that Rocco hates Sean Penn, which is perhaps the toughest love triangle there is.quotes a “know it all” who said that those in the know, already know.reported that Madonna and Sean Penn getting back together was the real reason Rocco Ritchie took off.


But it is possible that it is a coincidence Madonna and Penn have been seen together around the same time that Rocco Ritchie jumped ship to go live with his father, Guy Ritchie, in the U.

K., and it’s unlikely that fans will ever really know the truth about the way all of this drama unfolded.


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