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Many like to act like bad boy brawlers, but are quick to back down once they actually meet one in person.

Also many young Filipino guys are very much into going to the gym and are obsessed with becoming muscle bound freaks.

[Source:, February 7, 2014] Gamma posted on Yahoo Answers in 2009: “From what I saw in the Philippines alot of the guys in my age bracket (17-23) try to imitate what they see in American media.

However they tend to go to far and end up becoming caricatures rather than truly strong men.

In traditional society, men were responsible for doing heavy work such as plowing and caring for irrigation systems and clearing brush.

women are the bread earners whereas men are usually immersed in their destructive hobbies of drugs, alcoholism, gambling and adultery.Conversely, the nerds in the Philippines dedicate their whole lives to their study.


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    • Donald Trump • Hillary Clinton • Lisa Rinna • Business Blitz • New York • Scary!

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    For example, instead of admitting they are overwhelmed by noise, tired of being around people, or simply want to go and work on a favored interest, they may lie and say they feel sick or they have an appointment they need to get to. Many males with AS do marry, but unless both partners are willing to work on problem areas, the relationship may not last. Many males with AS fit into the stereotype of “geek.” 15. They can focus on a subject that interests them and talk endlessly about it, but they may not fully understand the give-and-take of a shared conversation. Most males with AS can find employment and are generally reliable workers.

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    I'm looking for a service that has sufficient male clientel in the 50-60 age bracket.

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    łączy osoby, jakie odnoszą sukcesy zawodowe i mają duże wymagania w sprawach osobistych.

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