Mac webcam sexy

You’ll have an i Sight or Facetime HD camera, unless you have a Mac Mini, and will likely have a multitouch trackpad unless you’ve opted for a Magic Mouse. Be warned though, this game requires multi-touch technology, so that means that some Mac Books won’t be able to play this (unless you have an external peripheral). Use Inklet to turn your multi-touch trackpad into a tablet for your Macbook.

Most Mac Book Airs and Mac Book Pros’ keyboards have a backlight. If you are on the fence between getting a tablet or not, try this app out first. Nex Tab is a very small app, but it can combat a small annoyance some may have if they use their trackpad 80 percent of the time.

Our height stretching app has come back with a Slimming & Head resizing function!

The worldwide best Body altering app with 4M users over 217 countries !


Still looks natural by slimming your body and face separately. # Head resizing : Scale your head size as you want, also stretch your neck size too. # Height stretching : Height stretching which keeps body proportions.If you have a Mac Book or Mac Book Pro with a traditional hard drive, you’ll also have a Sudden Motion Sensor (which Apple refers to as SMS in its documentation, so we’ve done the same here). The app basically allows you to switch, close or open new browser tabs. Numeric is a simple calculator that allows you to use your trackpad to input the numbers as you would on a normal calculator.


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