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Most of what Frankel says has some truth behind it.

The most recent episodes of the show focused on the conflict with Morgan over the alcohol name she chose for her company and de Lesseps because of who she pretends to be.

Frankel and Shields are semi-serious, which means down the road there could be something more once their marriages have been dealt with.

While it isn’t like Frankel stepped in and ruined what he had with his wife, the fact that she judged Luann de Lesseps for being with a married man has people riled up. The situations are different, but calling out de Lesseps at Dorinda’s party was nothing short of entertaining and vile.

As things come full circle, Frankel has basically admitted to being a hypocrite. She even took to Twitter to admit he was married but separated.


But after Bethenny Frankel accused her reality TV rival of being a hypocrite and a fraud during a traumatic two-episode battle, The Countess finally found her platform to set the record straight on what's fact and what's fiction.'The problem with you is that women don't trust you, they think you have sex with married men and you cheat and you f*** younger guys and criticize other women for the exact same things you do,' an enraged Frankel said to de Lesseps. Her outspoken tone has caused a lot of conflict, ripping both Luann de Lesseps and Sonja Morgan to shreds.


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