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// 78 Comments The sunrise dot asia domains are finished and so are some of the initial landrush auctions.

This gives us some idea what domainers are valuing dot asia domains at – and perhaps what you should bid if you’re involved in an upcoming auction.

From the Pool Dot Asia website, there is a ticker tape listing all the completed auctions.

The results are as follows: While the numbers seem low compared to other extensions, I think that they are reasonable in that: (1) domain prices seem softer this year; (2) there is great uncertainty about how well dot asia will do; and (3) domainers need to make a profit when they resell these.

Disclaimer: An investment in dot asia is very speculative indeed.

The curse of the baby daddy: In ancient times, before TV, a scorned sorceress cast the baby daddy curse on Genoa City, dooming generations of men to faux fatherhood. If you're still searching for someone special as Valentine's Day quickly approaches, look no further than Facebook, where The Young and the Restless' Jason Thompson (Billy Abbott) and Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newman) will be answering all your love-related questions... The actors, whose alter egos are giving their vulnerable romantic relationship another go, will be taking part in a special Facebook Love Chat this Wednesday, February 10, at PM PT.

To take part in Thompson and Heinle's Love Chat, check out Y&R's official Facebook page this Wednesday, February 10.


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