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As the whole of Scotland is drawn into the rebellion against England, Wallace takes command of the Scottish army to kick ass... The cast also includes Patrick Mc Goohan as Edward I "Longshanks", King of England, Peter Hanly as a young Edward II, Sophie Marceau as Princess Isabella of France, and Angus Macfadyen as Robert the Bruce (later King of Scotland).

And my father was a career politician, so I’ve seen the sausage being made first-hand.I’ve also been writing a series of novels, beginning with Outlander, for the last 20-odd years, rooted in the 18th century history of Scotland and following the threads of Jacobite politics from the ’45 (also known as the second Jacobite Rising, in 1745) up through the American Revolution 1765-1783, in which one colonist in three was from Scotland.It should not be confused with real history or the i Phone game or the leonine leader of the Care Bear Cousins. For months, people have been asking my views about the Scottish independence referendum, and I’ve been saying, “It’s not my country; I don’t live here.

You’ll laugh - it was an early Patrick Troughton episode of Doctor Who in which I saw a young man in a kilt. It's important to remember that the Jacobite Risings of the 18th century constituted a religious civil war, not a nationalistic movement.

And contrary to what some people still believe, the Jacobite Scots of that time were by no means seeking “FREEDOMMMM! It was their intent to re-take the throne not only of Scotland, but of England and Ireland.


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    Thank you Click2asia for putting together this site and also your speed dating event. We didn't let the fact that he lived in NY while I lived in CA get in the way of us being together.

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