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The songstress-in-waiting will reprise her role on columnist Ross Douthat makes an engaging if not entirely convincing argument for the concept of monogamy, bending neither to the socially conservative “no sex before marriage” hardliners, nor to the more liberal “as long as its safe, go for it” mantra. He points to new statistics from the American Center for Disease Control that indicate young people are waiting longer to have sex, and that there has been a growing trend in sexual conservatism among young people since the 1980s.He says there is evidence that those who are monogamous are generally happier, and that teaching children about abstinence will at least help them choose partners more carefully.Because, let's face it: nothin' beats making love to yourself..In a 1989 study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, male and female "raters" were asked to judge the faces of 60 couples (some real, some strangers included as a control) on a nine-point scale, where 1 represented no similarity and 9 indicated the hypothetical case of opposite-sex twins.It’s hard not to notice the barrage of negative political attack ads paid for by the Conservative and Liberal parties in the run up to what many are predicting to be an imminent election.Now, the Green Party of Canada has entered the fray with an ad of their own that – get this – attacks the attack ads. We’ve all seen examples of the brother-sister couple – when two people who look surprisingly alike start a relationship.Now, a new dating website called Findyourfacemate.com, takes the phenomenon to a whole new level by deliberately matching singles with people who look like each other.

You may have noticed Paltrow’s push to become a crooner, as she’s been belting it out at pretty much every awards show this season, including the Grammys, the Country Music Awards, and the Oscars.

The average score for non-couples was 3.52; among actual couples, the average was 4.05.

You know how they say that couples that are together for a long time start to look like one another?

I know, I thought that was an old wive's tale too (old wives talk about the craziest shit! Anyway, with this concept in mind, an upcoming online dating service (-- launching later this month) plans to match couples that look alike.

Reviews so far seem to range from “that’s weird” to “that’s racist,” but if you’re the type of single who looks in the mirror and says, “Now THAT’S what I’m looking for,” this website may be just what you’ve been waiting for. is currently consulting with NATO “around a wide range of potential options, including potential military options in response to the violence that is taking place in Libya.” Move over, Jared Leto!After much political humming and hawing, the Obama administration is claiming that military action against the dictatorship in Libya is now “possible.” In recent weeks, Libyan leader Colonel Qaddafi has reacted to a civilian protests with extreme violence, and sanctions by governments around the world have yet to quell this violence. It’s almost time to officially add Gwyneth Paltrow to the list of actors-turned-singers with a record deal.



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