Long distance relationship dating other people

And make sure your camera is at a good angle so you look “normal.” (It sounds obvious but getting the right angle is often not so easy.) And don’t forget to check your lighting. Don’t say, “I’ll call you later,” or, “We’ll find a time to talk.” Set a specific day and time for your virtual date.

If your date is the one treating the relationship casually, try to communicate to them that you would prefer they set up a specific time to call you.

Having the right mindset and understanding of the road ahead of you will prepare you for the journey. It’s superior to a phone date because it is more real, more personable and creates a greater bond.

A person can’t multi-task easily while on camera and is therefore more likely to give their full attention.

Could your soul mate be living across the state, country or world? Although long-distance dating is a challenge, not only can it be done -- it can be done well!

You’ll need extra hours and funds for travel, and more patience in developing your relationship.

But if you work all day, then go to the gym, eat dinner, maybe visit with friends or go to a lecture and then go home, you’re likely not your best self for a phone chat by then.

It’s better you skip speaking and catch up tomorrow than try to push through and force a conversation.



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