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Author: MMOsite Writer Alexander Hinkley Riot Games shut down the Tribunal a few months ago for extended maintenance due some problems with the way it was working.


Many players have posted saying they have been chat restricted for hundreds of games with the new system.

There is no debating that League of Legends is an extremely team-oriented game which requires teamwork to be successful.

“It doesn’t even come from actually being toxic,” said one player with the username Severos.

“It comes from people reporting you so even if you aren’t toxic and someone is like ‘I wanna report this guy’ you’ll eventually get the chat ban after so many times.” Since the implementation of the interim system, the Player Behavior and Tribunal Ban Inquiries forums have been overflowing with complaints from players being repeatedly given chat restrictions they feel are unfair.

Renewed chat restrictions are strange for a couple reasons because even if a player was toxic and deserved an initial chat restriction, how could they possibly be toxic enough to warrant additional restrictions if they already can’t even talk?One could potentially argue that they are being toxic in the pre or post-game lobbies but if that’s the case, why does chat restriction only restrict in-game chat and not lobby chat?


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