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I'm not a big Trump fan at all, but that really was a snarky way to headline and kick off the article.Talk about his policies or lack of them, that's fine, but blatant disrespect is uncalled for. Ray - Good perspective but having worked or tried to work with Ericsson on the Competitive Intelligence front - I see a problem that runs much deeper than technology.


I'd usually choose for ease over lots more selections that I'll rarely use... I am seeing a lot of vacillation between total despair and determination to push on regardless.And it is always interesting for us to realize how "Balancing security and cost is an ongoing challenge," and just how the industry might justify the decisions involved in getting security without damagaing the budget or... Presidential campaigns will never be the same agan. I think the thing most peculiar about our predicament is... ' here's my take on what will happen next based on the UK's Brexit experience (which is a disaster but not in the same league as this result...) The financial markets will be unpredictable for [email protected] That comment stood out to me as well and I agree, that's likely the preference of many companies that were represented at the Summit.


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