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Deconstructionism uses a blizzard of jargon to “deconstruct” the meanings of “texts”—novels, ad jingles, statutes, diaries are all “texts”—and lay bare their politics and prejudices.The favorite deconstructionist angles are the holy trinity of race, class, and sex (always called “gender”), and the idea is certainly not to enjoy or understand a novel, for example, but to work up a roaring indignation over the author’s racism, classism, and sexism. Bawer notes, a “text” is “hailed or condemned in accordance with certain political checklists.” The result, as he explains, is that “literary works were now simply fields on which to play language games and wage political battles that had little or no intrinsic connection to the works themselves.” Dr.Most humanities departments are now hostile to the West, but the newly established ones, such as Women’s Studies, Black Studies, Queer Studies, and Chicano Studies, are just plain vicious. Bawer calls “identity studies” and are the main subject of this book.These new departments are run by and for the self-styled victims, and encourage students to search every detail of their lives for traces of exploitation and exclusion.They seem to have nothing resembling academic standards; only a numbingly conformist hatred for “capitalism,” “racism,” and all the other phony “isms.” Some of the favorite tools for attacking the West come from the philosophical method known as Deconstructionism.

There was a time when an education in the humanities meant an introduction to the most marvelous things that have ever been written or thought.

Its goal was to teach students to distinguish the beautiful from the mediocre, and to give them a life-long appreciation for the glories of Western civilization.


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