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I have read and been told I can swap out my complete front end for a 72-87 front end, complete from swing arms to hubs.

Im trying to narrow down my search for parts as well as end up with a normal 5 lug wheel. The gears are fine for what I need but they again are 6 lugs.

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I was wondering if I could find a rear end with the same width from a camaro or firebird that might bolt in or just pull the axles from a rear with 30 splines.

I would just look for parts from the 67-72 trucks but they are pretty scarce around here and what there is has been pretty picked over already.

Any information, websites, etc I can get would be much appreciated. IMHO.bars are available from quickor suspension and you can upgrade what you now have to disk brakes..a mild drop can be done as well..

I woudl think twice before doing any kind of clip or frame swap on one of those trucks..there is a good selection of nice wheels as well for 6 lug mounting.. OMT The main and pretty much only reason for doing a front end swap is money.


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