Liquidating distressed inventory Adult dating site xxx

For example, is a b2b bulk marketplace where companies sell all kinds of excess goods.

welcomes inventory from small businesses to sell on this auction marketplace, and has a track record of providing returns higher than other liquidation methods.

Net instant cash on your excess inventory: You can avoid the bother of auctions by selling to a surplus inventory liquidator.

Instant, Merchandise and Power Retailing ( all buy a wide range of customer-returned and excess inventory.

Excess inventory can be a serious financial drag for any business.


After all, the reason you have the surplus is because your regular outlets haven't done the job.And you probably have little patience for continuing to carry the extra load.But there are several tactics that can either net you a cash return on your items, or a nifty tax write-off.Excess Technologies ( is a professional surplus inventory liquidator.


Open a sales channel for your business on e Bay: Opening a business selling account on e Bay can be a great way to sell some of your excess inventory at competitive prices.Setting up your business sellers account is free and simple.


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