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Certainly, sex scenes require a level of vulnerability and trust (in both co-star and crew), yet in Campbell’s experience, other aspects of acting can be much more emotionally demanding.“There are more intimate things you do beyond sex, like telling the truth in your work and being honest in your performance,” she reveals.“Film-making is a construction of reality that is very mechanical and very choreographed.It is made to look like the camera has chanced upon an intimate moment between two people, but the reality of constructing it couldn’t be further from that.” : “Domhnall and I had our jeans on during that scene, while his girlfriend and my husband sat in the room next to us during filming,” she says.Managing this high-wire feat isn’t straightforward. Campbell, an actor who trained originally at the Central School of Music & Drama in London, has a CV that runs the proverbial gamut from stage to screen.Sex scenes have come as part of the territory, she says.

Far from being shocked, some audiences expect it now, as a matter of course.“But in some ways, the less close you are to [the other actor in the scene], the more you can replicate a bond.You know you’re ‘safe’ and there’s no confusion between this and real life.” When she was cast in Conor Horgan’s , Campbell hadn’t met her co-star Ciaran Mc Menamin before being cast.But what is it like to be an actor handed the task of bringing these scenes to life for an increasingly exacting audience?


As job specs go, it’s a curious one: in making sex scenes, actors need to create the illusion of intimacy, lust or attraction with a stranger (or worse, a friend), all while being mindful of a list of technical and choreographic specifications.

The pair filmed a sex scene where their characters, mired in a sort of post-apocalyptic purgatory, had a soulless, empty sexual encounter in a forest.


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