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Construction giant Saudi Oger has asked banks to agree to a freeze in repayments on at least 13 billion riyals (.5 billion) of debt, sources aware of the matter said, as it seeks more time to collect money owed by the kingdom’s government.Eurozone and Britain’s growth will slow next year, the European Commission said Wednesday, cutting its economic forecasts for 2017 because of increased political uncertainty, including Britain’s Brexit vote, and weakening global trade.Gloria is a regular at Portugal’s most infamous prison, but it isn’t crime that keeps her coming back.At the top of Vietnam’s Fansipan Mountain, throngs of giddy tourists wielding selfie sticks jostle for a photo op on the once-remote peak in the Sapa region, famed for its breathtaking views across undulating rice terraces.I’ve known him to be a good guy, that’s what makes it so surprising. Daesh (ISIS) militants fighting to hold on to their Mosul stronghold have displayed the crucified bodies of five people they said gave information to “the enemy,” and are back on the city streets policing the length of men’s beards, residents say.



The golden Barbado da Terceira is just one of the guests at a most unusual dog kennel run by inmates.The purpose of the meeting, she told investigators, was to have sex. Oliver, these things can happen no matter where you live.” The teenager explained to detectives that Meshyock would pick her up near her home and drive her back to his apartment where they had sex on multiple occasions.Join The Conversation On The KDKA Facebook Page Stay Up To Date, Follow KDKA On Twitter One man who was acquainted with Meshyock said, “We’ve met. Unable to post 0,000 bail, Meshyock remains in the Allegheny County Jail. Whenever I write car reviews, I tend to focus on what makes the week’s pick distinctive and what it offers the discerning buyer before I broach the topic of whether the asking price is reasonable, at least for Lebanon.

The suspect lives in a third-floor apartment at the North Meadowcraft apartment building in Mt. According to court papers, police began their investigation after they were called to the neighborhood because of a verbal argument in the street between the girl and her guardian.When she was questioned, police say the girl admitted she was in the area to meet a man who lived nearby.



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