Leap dating

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This February 29th, are you thinking of popping the big question to your man?

The aforementioned Bridget is said to have been rather miffed at the length of time women had to wait for a man to ask for their hand in marriage.

Upon debating this with St Patrick, he told her that women could from then on propose on the leap year.

If you answered “no” to any of them, why not wait, and use February 29th as a time to talk to your partner about the future instead: cook them a meal or take them out for dinner and discuss what you’re both looking for, and celebrate what you already have.

First, the history: it is believed that the tradition for Leap Year proposals dates back to 5th century Ireland and ‘St Bridget’s Complaint’.

But if you’re the type of woman to take over the proposal, you’re unlikely to be the type to be bound by convention, so really the whole year’s your oyster.

It is still important to make sure your relationship is ready to be taken to the next step though. Have you agreed how you’ll solve issues that might arise?


February 29th is the traditional day that women propose to men.

The first documented instance of women proposing on February 29th is in 13th century Scotland, where a law was passed that decreed that any man refusing a proposal on the leap year must pay a fine, which could range from a kiss, right through to a silk dress or, most commonly, a pair of gloves.



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