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His great-grandfather was a musician and so was his grandfather, who toured with Shirley Bassey and other prominent singers.

Corden’s father, now a Christian book salesman, was a musician in Britain’s Royal Air Force.“There was never a minute where I ever, ever wanted to do anything else,” Corden said.

For “Late Show,” he brought in a trusted friend and colleague from back home, producer-director Ben Winston, to serve as executive producer along with Rob Crabbe, who worked with Fallon on his late-night shows.

The inventive Reggie Watts, known for his music and comedy, was handpicked by Corden as bandleader.

The intended result is spontaneity, Corden said, “seeing people interact in a way that is a bit more interesting.”The show’s location is a reflection of the talk-show traffic jam in New York — including the transplanted “Tonight Show” — which has made guest bookings more competitive.


Tom Hanks, an undisputed A-lister, and Mila Kunis are the opening-night guests, followed by Kerry Washington and Chris Pine on Tuesday and Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell on Wednesday.

Modest Mouse and Leon Bridges are the announced musical performers.


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    Construction material flow is tracked from the moment it enters the facility.

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    Going to a school that creates a safe and supportive learning environment for all students and having caring and accepting parents are especially important.

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    He is American of a very rich ancestry background as his father, Charles William Criss, is of German, Northern Irish and German root while his mother, Cerina Criss, is from Philippines with Spanish and Chinese ancestry.

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    No other government service has to balance their budget, why should US Post?

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