Lamar odom and liza morales dating christian science carbon dating

She added the hashtag "#Birthday In Heaven" to her post.Odom and Morales were in a romantic relationship for over a an American retired professional basketball player.Lamar Odom’s ex-girlfriend and baby mama Lisa Morales has just been added to the reality TV heap as she is starring in the TLC show, “Starter Wives Confidential.” She was the love of Odom’s life before he stumbled upon Khloe Kardashian.That she is in a reality show at this time is not a case of malice or exploitation; it was mere coincidence that Odom overdosed at a Nevada bunny ranch just as the reality show was taking off.We have pictures of Jayden around the house and the kids and I talk about him all the time.The timing of, Liza Morales’ reality show fame is simply horrible, but it is not malicious.


She has feuded with Khloe Kardashian at times over the years, most recently taking shots at Khloe for abandoning her family when thinks got difficult. Lamar turned to work," Morales said in 2012 of how each handled the tragy.There was also talk that Morales and Kardashian clashed a couple months ago over Odom's life insurance policy. "He had his music he was working on, a clothing company and an artist he was working with - that's how he dealt.


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