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Previously, he specified a number of conditions to the future prime minister, saying that "his integrity should not cause doubt." According to the Moldovan Constitution, the country’s president nominates a candidate for the prime minister’s post.

The prime minister is given 15 days to form a new cabinet and present it and his programme to the parliament for approval.

A fight for power among the former allies prevented them from forming the parliamentary majority and approving a new government for the past two months despite pressure from the United States and the European Union that urged the Moldovan authorities to go ahead with European integration and start a campaign against corruption.

"They will take part in communication maneuvers, simulate patrolling of a designated water area and take part in joint antiterrorist actions with counterpart naval forces from other countries ." "In line with the plan of the exercise, the crews of the ships will also join a helicopter exercise and an operation to cut short the contraband of weapons," Martov said, adding that the exercise would be held in the territorial waters of Brunei-Darussalam. On Monday, the Pacific Fleet's delegation took part in the opening ceremony of the naval war games that brought together the ships of ten countries.It also received a Russian diplomatic mission led by the Russian ambassador to Brunei, Vladislav Semivolos, aboard the Admiral Vinogradov and held a protocol meeting with the commander-in-chief of Brunei's Naval Force. Moldovan President Nicolae Timofti has rejected the candidacy of Vladimir Plahotniuc, proposed on Wednesday by the Democratic Party of Moldova (DPM) for the post of prime minister, the press service of the country’s head of state said in a release.Several thousand opponents of Plahotniuc who is called by the local media a "grey cardinal of the Moldovan politics" gathered for a protest rally on Wednesday.

Martov indicated that after Brunei the ships would call into the port of Singapore, also as part of ADMM-PLUS-2016, on May 8.

According to the statement, "Plahotniuc fails to meet the criteria of a candidate for the post of prime minister." The Moldovan head proposed to the parliamentary majority to nominate another candidate for the post by , local time (, Moscow time) on January 14.


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