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Our shop is conveniently located in Northwood - close to Palm Beach Island and downtown West Palm Beach.This makes us a top choice for Palm Beach residents and professionals in downtown.When Nina Clay awoke from her coma she assumed she had a miscarriage – and no one ever told her otherwise.Performance Upgrades / Audio / Video / GPS / Mobile Internet Solutions, and Electronics are our specialty. click here for more information We founded Palm Beach Prestige Auto Services as a new breed of luxury and exotic car repair facility in Palm Beach County and South Florida.We have decades of experience in the exotic and luxury car industry within our respective fields.“General Hospital” spoilers and rumors tease that there could be another “Who’s Your Daddy” (or in this case “Who’s Your Mommy”) storyline on the ABC soap very soon.


When Madeline learned that her daughter was pregnant with Silas’s baby and planned to stay with him even though he cheated on her with Ava, Madeline drugged her daughter with a nearly-lethal dose of anti-depressants in hopes of making her have a miscarriage.Only, the drugs actually caused Nina to go in to a two decade long coma.And it looks like the storylines in Port Charles are gearing up to finally make the big reveal, spoilers are teasing that there may actually be some truth to the rumors.It was revealed on “General Hospital” that Nina’s crazy mother Madeline (Donna Mills) paid Ava to seduce Nina’s husband Silas and have an affair with him 20 years ago.


Drop your car off in the morning, we drive you to work or home, and pick you up. click here for more information We are your number 1 choice, in Palm Beach County, if it comes to customizing your luxury or exotic car.Our expert can realize even the most demanding project.


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