Kevin connolly dating nicky hilton


Hilton is the less popular but more grounded of the Hilton girls.

Full Story As you know, Leonardo Di Caprio was in Milan last Thursday for Mr Armani’s 40th anniversary party. Two days after that he was in Vegas on Saturday night for the fight.

Here’s Leo out for dinner last night with the ever-faithful Lukas Haas.


Carla Gugino and Katie Holmes look a lot alike – how did I never notice this? I'm obsessed with my raincoat from the ever amazing @zacposen. Full Story Leonardo Di Caprio and his girlfriend Toni Garrn spent the weekend on a boat in Ibiza. Full Story Entourage the final season premieres this weekend on Sunday on HBO Canada and HBO at pm. Eric is now a big player in Hollywood, Johnny Drama is down on his luck after his TV show got cancelled and he lost all his money to a shady financial advisor; he now lives in Vince’s pool house. Here’s something I’ve been hearing about Leo every time he’s been out the last 3 or 4 months or so at award show parties, etc: he hits the bathroom a lot; like almost excessively. Including Leonardo Di Caprio who was NOT nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award this week. Because he was at Ebola Paris Hilton’s the other night with Kevin Connolly who, as you know, used to date Ebola’s sister Nicky.


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