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All the major players - UDF, LDF and NDA - claimed victory.

3.00pm57.54 % voter turnout recorded till 3 pm in Kerala.

Some filmstars seen showing their inked fingers on Monday were actors Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan and Khushboo soon after the polling began at 7am.

After loads of cash were seized, and amid reports of cash being distributed to voters, voting in Tamil Nadu’s Thanjavur and Aravakurichi was deferred to May 23.

Tamil Nadu turnout expected to be low due to heavy rains in southern districts of the state.

2.00pm: Tamil Nadu chief electoral officer Lahoni says, “Eight districts are witnessing heavy rain.

Over 7.2 lakh voters or 80% of Puducherry’s electorate have cast their ballots.


4.00pm63.7% voter turnout recorded till 3 pm in Tamil Nadu and it is 67% in Puducherry.

3.30pm Rain disrupts polling at some places in Idukki and Pathanamthitta districts of Kerala.


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    The view in government seems to be that the Centre and RBI governor have enjoyed a fairly even working relationship over the last six to eight months despite differences on some issues, Rajan's public profile and BJP MP Subramanian Swamy's intemperate attacks.

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