Kenya private sex date direct dating summit

One in three people aged 15 to 24 interviewed for the report said they had or knew someone who had a sponsor.

Most people thought it was okay to have a sponsor, even if that person is in another relationship.

Teenage girls in Kenya are having sex with men they call “sponsors” to pay for desirable items including jeans, mobile phones and internet credit.

They are also reluctant to use condoms in case people assume they are prostitutes or label them “cheaters,” according to new research by the makers of Shujaaz, Kenya’s best-known comic book.



Respondents described the different kinds of lovers they encounter using Sheng, a Kenyan street language made up of Swahili and English.Team Hyena are people on the prowl for new sexual encounters; a Tom and Jerry is someone in a complicated long-distance relationship; while an S3 is someone who is single and still searching for the right partner.


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