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Rape may be accomplished by threats of harm, fear and/or physical force. Common Reactions to Sexual Assault Male Attitudes About Rape Rape Culture Danger Signals Preventive Measures The Role of Alcohol and Other Drugs Guys.... Introduction Addendum - June 2014The Definition of Rape & Sexual Assault What is Acquaintance Rape?One of them, John, wasn’t playing, but he was interested in the game. We talked, and it turned out we had a mutual friend and shared experiences. Then he said we could get inside one of the most beautiful campus buildings, which was locked at night. In fact, some surveys indicate that somewhere between 60% and 80% of all reported rapes may be classified as acquaintance rape.

We returned to the dorms and there were some seniors on the ground floor, drinking beer and playing poker. Victimization by strangers has for some time been considered the most common form of reported rape.

I’m an avid player, so we joined them and joked around a lot. However, with one sexual assault occurring every two minutes in the United States, law enforcement officers and rape crisis counselors know that frequently the victim knows their assailant.

“It was the beginning of spring break and I was a junior. According to the FBI Uniform Crime Reports statistics, there have been an average of nearly 91,000 forcible rapes per year over the last five years and yet rape is still considered to be one of the most under-reported of all serious crimes.

I was in good spirits and had been out to dinner with an old friend. Sixty percent of rapes/sexual assaults are not reported to law enforcement.

The purpose of this booklet is to provide the reader with a better understanding of what constitutes rape, what some male and female attitudes are on the subject, and what practical measures can be taken to prevent attacks.

Since many experts believe the cause of acquaintance rape has its roots in the socialization of men and women, there are no rapid solutions.



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