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Indeed, Morehouse has, over the course of the 20th century, contributed many luminaries of black culture and public policymaking, including film director Spike Lee, U. Surgeon General David Satcher, philosopher/theologians Benjamin Mays and Howard Thurman, and the Rev. As familiar as such sentiments may sound to those of us who witnessed the heyday of civil rights era mobilizations, they have come to represent a minority opinion within the black community of today.Most of the publicly expressed African American reaction to Packwood’s achievement has expressed little concern that the naming of a white valedictorian is an aggression against or somehow an effort to undermine black tradition or aspirations.By the time of his first contact with Morehouse recruiters the idea of attending an HBCU was not at all strange, as he had already been thoroughly socialized within an African American world.Though they are usually cautious about saying so publicly, many among this group see Packwood’s detractors as narrow-minded relics whose antiquated racial logic fetishizes segregation and ignores the history of cross-racial and multiracial coalition so central to the struggle against it.This group would likely offer as support of their position the story of Reconstruction-era philanthropists, union army officers, and missionaries such as Henry Morehouse; white patrons whose central role in the founding of HBCUs belies the race-warrior, black social uplift mythology so often promoted by these institutions and their alumni.



They see it instead as an expression of colorblind meritocracy.In the words of Packwood’s classmate Stanton Fears “the best man got it.” Fears, like most of Morehouse’s 2008 graduating class, has experienced little of the blatant, state-sanctioned structural racism and racial terrorism that often constrained the physical movement and social aspirations of his parents.


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    Staged in conjunction with the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Japanese community, the Japan Day Düsseldorf/NRW in the state capital offers unique insights into the Land of the Rising Sun.

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    Well, I think when it is all said and done, while we might have an embarrassing clown in the White House (Which Republicans will claim we had for the last eight years) the political landscape really hasn't changed all that much.

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