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Face it, they are just more fascinating than regular babies. This year has given us a decent celebrity baby harvest, and next year is shaping up to be not too shabby itself!

Kelly Clarkson, Rose Byrne, and Ivanka Trump are just a few of the stars expecting children in the coming year, and hunk Jamie Dornan and wife Amelia Warner are awaiting their second bundle of joy!

But Showtime and creator John Logan have now confirmed the series has come to an end.

Vanessa Ives (Eva Green) died at the hands — and gun — of Ethan (Josh Hartnett) to foil Dracula's (Christian Camargo) plan — and as Logan says, the show shouldn't continue without its Vanessa, its "spine." So, a death that ends the entire series is pretty shocking. CLICK HERE to view "20 Most Shocking TV Deaths Of All Time!

But apparently, Michael Bay didn't really consider the British bombshell to be much of a looker — and he made sure she knew it! Showtime finally released the first teaser for Season Three of their horror drama on Wednesday, and it looks like they're going full-on crazy for their third act!

Video: Relive The Deadly Second Season Of Not only is Eva the legit most terrifying psych ward patient ever, Josh Hartnett is literally a werewolf… If you're not watching this show by now, you're the crazy one!

got one of the most shocking deaths in TV history on Sunday night — the death of the series itself!



Ch-ch-check out who else will see the fruits of their sexy times in the gallery (below)! " CLICK HERE to view "Celebrity Babies Due In 2016!

" CLICK HERE to view "Celebrity Babies Due In 2016!


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