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Although he and Aniston have not been seeing one another for long, it is already happening to Mayer, whose past relationships have been pored over in an attempt to portray him as a womaniser.

But his recent elevation to paparazzi-stalked A-list celebrity status - and the main reason for it: his relationship with the actress Jennifer Aniston - hangs heavy in the air.'It's a very interesting thing, man,' he says, fidgeting as he locates what he hopes are the right words.

'I never really think about money, to be honest with you.

It's not even the elephant in the room, it's like the room is inside the elephant. 'The coverage Aniston has been getting in the celebrity/gossip press since her marriage to Brad Pitt ended could best be characterised as protective.

Men who come into her orbit are put under fearsome scrutiny, the slightest indication of anything less than a flawlessly chivalric character taken as evidence that they're going to break her heart.

John Mayer would prefer to talk about his guitar-playing, but what everyone really wants to know is how he's treating his woman, Jennifer Aniston.

And I'm just trying to live as suburban a life inside of what I guess is a much larger persona now than I've ever had.That's why I'm so happy to go back out on tour - but the thing is, even I'm less interested in talking about music than I am in talking about this stuff?!Portrait by Richard Phibbs John Mayer, his 6ft 3in frame crumpled into a utilitarian office chair in a side room off a warehouse-like rehearsal space in Burbank, California, sighs, half-smiles and briefly stops speaking.The 30-year-old guitarist, songwriter, singer, designer, sometime stand-up comedian and prolific blogger is taking a break from putting his band through their paces for their European and American tour, and is happy to talk about music, songwriting and the eclectic nature of his own creativity.

'I've never done things solely for money,' he grins. I wonder what would happen if I, like, thwarted a bank robbery? 'Would everyone be, like, "Well, everyone knows you're a musician, now"?'This is one of the hardest lifestyles to live, socially, because there's so many ways that it can go dirty.


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