Jennifer lopez dating new man

Lopez has been working on the last season of ‘American Idol’ as well as prepping for her next album, ‘A. Just four months after splitting from hubby Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez has a new man in her life: Casper Smart, a male dancer from Anaheim, Calif. " PHOTOS: How J-Lo's style has morphed for her men According to Smart's personal website, he had a role in .Reps for Lopez and Chmerkovskiy did not comment on the story for PEOPLE.Last Friday, it was reported that Lopez and Smart had separated partly due to work commitments, so it would make sense that Lopez would want to take it slowly during a busy time in her life.


"[He's] popular with the ladies because he goes shirtless!

His special skills include "krumping, acrobatics, breaking [and] popping." The 5'8" star lists his weight as between 160 and 170 pounds, and he was one of Beyonce's dancers during her 2010 Grammy Awards performance.


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