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8 min.) -- Fair Use for media literacy education (ca. 4 min.) -- Fair Use and free speech in documentary film (ca. Originally produced in 2009; television broadcast premiere Jan. The second features a performance with his band at People's Park and the third is another performance with his band on Earth Day, this time at Provo Park. Performers/commentators: Sam Mc Grier, DC Coaliton Step Team, Radioactive, Click the Supah Latin, Artis the Spoonman; Derique Mc Gee, Brian Williams (Birdman), Keith Terry, Sandy Silva, Bob Moses, Larry M. See the making of three Grammy-winning albums: Out Kast's 'Speakerboxxx/ Love Below', Kanye West's 'College Dropout' and Ludacris' 'Chicken -N- Beer'. Filled with archival footage including concert films, home movies, and clips from his Broadway hits. DVD 5575 A portrait of Canadian singer-songwriter and poet, Leonard Cohen, interspersed with performances of his music by various artists, including Nick Cave, U2, Rufus Wainwright, and Beth Orton. Contents: American folk Illinois riverboat / John Hartford -- Bluegrass / Bob Lewis Family -- Marching Band / St. Charles, MO -- Gospel / Fontella Bass and Martha Bass -- Rhythm and blues / Oliver Sain -- Rhythm and blues / James Family -- African drum and poetry / Sunshine Group and Eugene Redmond -- Alternative country / The Bottle Rockets -- French New Year's revel / Ste. Secular music styles come back to the blues, and gospel is at its most heartfelt and powerful.

Includes interviews with his brother, children, collaborators and fellow conductors. Special features: Exclusive never-before-seen musical performances, a conversation with Leonard Cohn, audio commentary with director Lian Lunson, deleted scenes. Contents: Gospel / Boundless Love Quartet -- Rockabilly / Sonny Burgess -- Music in the community: Rhyme games, drill team, stepping -- Soul / Rufus Thomas -- Soul / Memphis Horns and Ann Peebles -- Delta blues / Robert Lockwood, Jr.

Episode 2 explores a period in which different strands of roots music became visible and commercialized through movies, television, radio and records. Based in Toronto, Canada and New York City, Bhangra is a mix of old and new, and is symbolic of universal cultural transformation for new generations. Video/C 4180 A discussion with Cipriano Garcia (Pueblo), Peter Garcia (Pueblo) and Charlotte Heth (Cherokee). This film literally goes to the four corners of the Earth to collect performances of sounds that make up traditional Jewish music. DVD 9293; vhs Video/C 6017 As hip-hop rose from the streets of New York to become a multibillion-dollar industry, artists such as Public Enemy and De La Soul began reusing portions of previously recorded music for their songs. Fisk Jubilee Singers; Recorded music; The Bristol sessions; Delta blues; The Grand Ole Opry; Gospel is born (60 min.) -- Episode 2. Cowboy music & western Swing; Lead Belly & Lomax; Woody Guthrie; Bluegrass; Honky tonk; The blues & radio (60 min.). Episode 3 traces the continuing emergence of American roots music through a national awareness catalyzed by the folk and blues revival. Coverage of a reunion concert of musicians held at the Berkeley Veteran's Building Auditorium on November 27, 1993.Composers Cipriano and Peter Garcia discuss cultural traditions of San Juan Pueblo and demonstrate the butterfly and turtle dances. From Belgium to Canada, from France to Israel, to the Netherlands and further..exhaustive celebration of Yiddish songs, Klezmer music, synagogue celebrations and Jewish chant examines the role music plays in uniting and sustaining Jewish culture and faith throughout the world. But when record company lawyers got involved, everything changed. DVD X4774 Music plays a central role in the daily life of the Hassidic community. Video/C 5612 Explores the life and work of Bernard Herrmann who created music for over 50 films.Years before people started downloading and remixing music, hip-hop sampling sparked a debate about copyright, creativity, and technological change that still rages today. DVD 6608 Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Johnny Cash, Peter, Paul and Mary, Son House, Mississippi John Hurt, Judy Collins, Pete Seeger, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Odetta, Staple Singers, Mike Bloomfield, Ronnie Gilbert, Paul Butterfield, Theodore Bikel, Howlin' Wolf, "Spider" John Koerner and others. DVD 4877 A detailed, informative, and enjoyable documentary featuring rare footage of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention throughout the 1960s, archive interviews, seldom-seen live performances, and a host of other features. , Hungry Freaks Daddy, Trouble Every Day, Brown Shoes Don't Make it, America Drinks and Goes Home, and many more. DVD X2703 Follows seven San Francisco Bay Area freelance classical musicians who live a road warrior lifestyle as they perform with regional orchestras across Northern California and struggle to acquire permanent positions with a major symphony. Filmed within the Hassidic community, we are treated to beautiful Hassidic melodies as sung in prayer, at celebrations and at many other significant events in the day to day life of Hassidic Jews. Features interviews with, among others, directors Martin Scorsese and Claude Chabrol, composers David Raksin and Elmer Bernstein, as well as home movies, archival photos and interviews with Herrmann himself. Shows Polish-American polka musicians and polka dancers performing at festivals, dance halls, and small beer halls in the eastern and midwestern parts of the United States. DVD 4970; vhs Video/C 2111 Go beyond the surface of the music business to examine the inner world of the industry and the true politics behind getting an album made.

-- Blues / Levon Helm and James Cotton -- Blues / Jack Johnson and The Jelly Roll Kings -- Blues / Johnnie Billington -- Blues / Little Milton -- Gospel / Mississippi Mass Choir.Video/C 6252 Part 4: Louisiana, Where Music is King.


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