Jay baruchel dating


” Yeah, it’s hard, but the straighter you play it the funnier it is. The dick monster has come up in every interview so far. It’s the internet age buddy, that’s never going away. Do you guys get to do a lot of improv with this show? It seems like Simon came into this with a very clear vision. How was the show pitched to you, or how would you pitch it to audiences?

ANDRE: I just loved this fantasy world that each scene went to. I would just say that it’s a classic sitcom on LSD. How would you say your character fits into that world. Like this one time Jay doesn’t want to break up with this girl and I’m like, “Just fake your own death, bro”.

I thought it was like the best of sketch comedy and narrative sitcom combined. Simon is a brilliant writer, Jon Krisel is a brilliant director, I love all his stuff on Portlandia, and Andrew Singer as well, all their stuff on and the SNL digital stuff, all his stuff on Tim and Eric.



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