Javascript updating form data

Assume for a moment that this form utilizes an imaginary "Product" class that has only two properties ("name" and "price").The form generated from this class will look the exact same regardless if a new Product is being created or if an existing product is being edited (e.g. Suppose now, that you don't want the user to be able to change the Sometimes you want a form to be generated dynamically based not only on data from the form but also on something else - like some data from the current user.Baseball will have a pitcher but will not have a goalkeeper.You will need the correct options in order for validation to pass.This can be done in the constructor: method would result in the whole form type being modified and not just this one form instance.

Suppose you have a social website where a user can only message people marked as friends on the website.In this case, a "choice list" of whom to message should only contain users that are the current user's friends.


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