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The focus on team allows each global investment management member to contribute freely to the research process, while engendering an open, communicative workplace.

All members of our organization work cooperatively from one office location in Boston.

He is known for his performance as Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, the brutal Colonel William Tavington in The Patriot and as lifelong criminal Michael Caffee in the American television series Brotherhood.

Our personnel, including portfolio managers, analysts, relationship managers and client service, have invested a significant amount of their personal assets in products managed or sub-advised by the firm.


Our diverse global investment management team, including Assistant Portfolio Managers Sumanta Biswas, Bin Xiao and Jason Crawshaw, is tasked with searching worldwide to find discounted but high-quality stocks in both developed and emerging markets.Our investment team comes from very different backgrounds and countries, offering an immediate level of cognitive diversity.Lead Portfolio Manager Bernard Horn founded Polaris in April 1995 to expand an existing client base dating to the early 1980s.Bernie has been managing global and international equity portfolios for nearly three decades, combining investment technology and traditional fundamental research to produce top-performing portfolios.

While analysts may conduct research on companies in geographically-familiar areas, they are also tasked with critiquing companies from other locations worldwide.

All products are managed on a team basis, utilizing a consistent process and approach.



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