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That is, the four hosts are largely staying in the studio, where they promise "more shenanigans" and more of their gadget challenges, one of which will see Bradbury and Williams battling it out to create the "ultimate selfie", using new gizmos. MIRROR, MIRRORBradbury, who penned a trilogy of books for young children called Dot Robot, maintains a high-tech home in London, where he lives with his partner and three young children."It would be ridiculous to be a technology show that didn't take risks or attempt to innovate," says the presenter, who started his career as a stand-up comedian, working in a double act with David Walliams."We're at the centre of the biggest business sector of them all, with start-ups left, right and centre and actually, we need to innovate, and that's what we've always done."We've always been brave about it but we haven't always got it right, so what's nice about this series is that it allows us to go back to form a little bit." And that "form" means testing out the newest pieces of kit on the block. "I've got a fantastic 7ft mirror in my bedroom," explains the 45-year-old.Doesn't sound like it..."They still end up knowing more, because they are actually digital natives," he admits."Whereas I lived at a time in our history where there were no computers, in terms of consumer tech."They don't have the same reverence for technology that I have. Technology is just a window for what they do." ROBOTS ROCKAs well as helping with his day-to-day life, Bradbury has found nifty ways of using gadgets to interact with his children when he's away from home."When we were filming The Gadget Show, I used a telepresence robot, which is a Segway with an i Pad for a face," he explains."My bike is hooked up to a three screen simulator in the garage," he says."It means I can simulate bike routes on the triathlons I'm doing, and when I get up to the hill, the bike reacts to the incline on the screen so it can make it harder."He also has an underwater jet system in his swimming pool, which means he can ride the waves."I've got a surfboard, and you can surf on it in the back garden and swim against the jet." NEW DRIVEAlthough Bradbury kicks himself for not splashing out on a piece of Banksy artwork, just before the unknown graffiti artist became popular, he did have a bigger, more burning regret that he's since rectified."If you'd asked me six months ago, I would have said I wanted a time machine so I could go back and buy a De Lorean, the car from the Back To The Future films," says the host, of the sports car known for its futuristic appearance."But since then, I've corrected my mistake and bought one," he adds, grinning."I contact it via my laptop and drive it around the house.


An unwavering technology enthusiast, he can't wait to spill the beans on the latest series, which sees him and his co-hosts Olympic gold medallist Amy Williams, Jon Bentley and Ortis Deley putting new gadgets through their paces.After the trial and error of recent series, including The Gadget Show: World Tour, which saw Bradbury and former presenter Pollyanna Woodward on a globetrotting mission to discover new tech, this series is defiantly returning to the "old format"."It looks like a normal mirror but it's made by Designer Mirror TV.You press a button, and it's a TV and the news pops up!


"GAME ONA video game enthusiast, Bradbury and his children often don Oculus Rift headsets while playing Minecraft, to take their gaming experience to a whole new level.So is he actually a dad that knows more about video games than his kids do?



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