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No, I think the word “crazy” has its own special category of Japanese horror films that if you watch them, the very first thing you’ll think to yourself when their credits roll is, “What the fuck did I just watch? ” I know, because for every movie on my top ten Japanese horror movies that are crazy listed below, I said those exact words at least once, and usually the second I got done watching them.And here’s the thing, J-Horror has been part of the world’s consciousness for awhile now.Room Name: Japanese Chat Room Password: 5389 Come join and have fun!The word “crazy” is usually never used as a positive, unless it’s referring to maybe a work of art, an unbelievable performance onscreen, onstage, or, ahem, in the bedroom, but we can all pretty much agree that it has a negative connotation overall, right?And I’m definitely not even going to use the word “crazy” in reference to all the torture films from Japan, like “Grotesque” or the infamous “Guinea Pig” series.Those need another word entirely to accurately convey the brutality and almost too fucked up to watch acts of violence and gore they deliver.Yet it seems that the more horror movies come out, the more they can be classified as buttshit remakes of classic 80’s horror films, avant-garde snorefests that pass themselves off as a horror spectacle, or blockbusters designed to do nothing more than scare the money right out of your wallets and purses.


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I would venture to say that movies like Ringu and Ju-On and their American remakes catapaulted at least one brand of J-Horror, the long, black haired, white funeral shroud, no footed Yurei out for revenge type, into everyday American households and stores.

That kind of opened the floodgates for Hollywood to either remake J-horror films or other Asian horror films as quickly as possible, in order to capitalize on the success of the remakes of films like Ringu and Ju-On.

I mean, I remember walking into Wal-Mart, of all places, and seeing Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s PULSE in the dvd section, and also one day seeing tons of translated Asian horror films beginning to pop up on the shelves at Hollywood Video.

But thankfully, this is almost never, EVER the case when it comes to Japanese horror films.And no, I’m not talking about the ultra-B horror films from Japan that are a cross between something you can film with your iphone and something a student would submit as a mid-term project for a special effects class.



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