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“I wasn’t in a very good place at the time,” said the 31-year-old, who opens his World Championship bid at Alexandra Palace this week.“It was a silly way to carry on but I needed to calm down.Both players apparently then did agree to see the the semi-final through until the end, and it eventually resumed after nearly half an hour's delay.It's been one of the most defining years of his glittering career so far, but it’s cupid’s arrow, and not James Wade’s dart, which has hit the sweetest bullseye of them all.I didn’t do anything wrong that night, but when I went backstage afterwards I was banned from the practice area, or asked to leave.“That upset me because I was bullied at school and that was like going back to being ostracised in the playground.Wade is always cheered on by gorgeous girlfriend Samantha Marsh, whom he met through her work as a PDC walk-on girl. There was one brief attempt to restart the match, but after more complaints they came off.

PDC star James Wade has blown the minds of darts fans this week with some stunning performances at the World Grand Prix in Dublin.‘The Machine’ nailed an incredible double-in nine-darter in a high-quality win over Robert Thornton on Wednesday, before defeating defending champion Phil Taylor in the quarter-finals on Friday.



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