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It took eight more years until they figured out she could play Meta Bauer. For example: a collection dedicated to the Bauers, to Reva, holidays in Springfield, the Spauldings, etc... There's also collections for ATWTThese are official video collections That Proud Mary rendition is great r61. Proud Mary starts about in Zas was not on Love long - I think Paul Michael Glaser replaced him, and then he was sent to Love of Life and Vince Baggetta took over. He's for all intents and purposes fallen off the face of the earth.

This scene was the same year as Reva's iconic fountain breakdown and it boggles my mind why it has not achieved the same level of fame in the soap world."This is a constant reminder of everything you did to make my life a LIVING HELL!!!! Funny thing is, Meryl auditioned for the part of Tara Martin when All My Children premiered and also was a runner up for the part of Pammy Davis on Somerset, losing to Pamela Toll. The irony is that Mary Stuart said in an interview that soon after Search for Tomorrow was cancelled, P&G approached her about coming on board GL in 1987 as Hannah Bauer (presumably Johnny Bauers's grandmother). This is from Tina Sloan's IMDB page...pretty impressive: She has competed in eight marathons, including the Honolulu, Los Angeles, New York, and Paris marathons. Kilimanjaro in Africa and the Annapurna Refuge in Nepal. She is conservative but most of it is about her son, who is in the military, and, I think, her husband, who is (or was) in finance. Ewwww on JWS's part that he had to put Marland's gross thing in his mouth.

They would promote the returns in the soap press and then it would just be frustrating to the fans when the characters were never used much. They had alternate first billing on LIAMST and were sent to Hollywood twice a year to guest on CBS prime time shows. Why did they suddenly make Claire Ramsey into such a baby abusing villainess when she had Bertie/Michelle? Also if Fletcher was shooting blanks and not the father of Michelle how did his baby with Holly come about? I wish the next episode, which was the actual Christmas episode that year, hadn't had its soundtrack removed.

Les did Wild Wild West and Mannix and Donna was on Dan August and Gunsmoke. Then one of his adopted daughters was killed by a vehicle I believe a couple of years later. Why wouldn't Holly want to take care of little Meg? Why aren't any of you drooling over Frank and HIS tight pants? My best friend, with whom I watched GL over the phone on many a night, died three months earlier, and before he died, he made me promise not to forget to watch the Xmas episode.

This got them both noticed outside of the daytime realm and helped seal their careers when they left LIAMST. Why did they have Eleni become such a cheater/nad wife? I know I watched it that year, even though I couldn't watch the show anymore after he died. The one you posted is the next best thing, so, again, thank you.

All they needed was Kathyron Harrold and it would be a complete set. She describes a confrontation with Ellen Wheeler where she comes off as the winner, then in the next paragraph feels 'bad' about treating Ellen that way. The truth about GL is that Zimmer may have had rabid fans, but the overall emphasis on HER character turned a lot of people off and the show lost viewers with her and the absolutely horrible writing of Brown and Essenstein and the leadership of Paul Raunch.



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