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Metal was just one of the genres I was interested in (and mostly older stuff), whereas reviewing albums required deeper and more up-to-date knowledge than I had and have, since recently I’ve spent my time digging deeper into dance, funk and film and game soundtracks, and of course my nu disco mix project.But another reason was that I had an itch that what I was doing was becoming a somewhat pointless practice.Sometimes, the best way to describe music that occurred to me was to add a You Tube or Bandcamp link, but that immediately made me raise the question: why, then, should I even write?En weer een nieuwe ronde meningen over nieuwe muziek van mijn kant.


What foods, flavors, and recipes is your state/territory known for, and how do they fit into your healthy eating style?The new Toolkit for Teachers is full of fun (and educational) activities.Read More So that show review on Shining and that album review of Caligula’s Horse’s latest record Bloom were my last ever ones in their respective categories.Part of my motivation to stop writing was that I lost touch with the genre a bit.


Discussies over de albums ga ik natuurlijk altijd graag aan, maar ik probeer niet al te stellig te zijn in de objectiviteit van wat ik schrijf.Muziek is mijn hobby, niet mijn werk (nou ja, deels wel, maar niet in die zin).


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