Is mischa barton and benjamin mckenzie dating


In this CYInterview, you will hear how his life has changed since , how he dealt with fame and what he believes all aspiring actors should experience before trying to make the dream, happen among other topics.


Benjamin was one of America’s hottest twenty-something actors.

He was featured and talked about everywhere, especially for his on screen on-again-off-again relationship with actress Mischa Barton. Mc Kenzie has moved on to other things, including his role in the television police drama Southland.

He says the whole experience has given him a new perspective of the LAPD: “It’s really gratifying and it’s gotten me more in touch with my own city…Things from an earlier generation of the LAPD, they really aren’t reflective of the current LAPD as I’ve experienced it.

We have a lot of interaction with members of the LAPD because on our show any cops who are in the background kind of walking through the scene, those are real cops off duty.


And so I have a very positive and somewhat in awe of what they do.

I’m somewhat in awe of the fact that they can get out and do this hard job day in and day out and keep it altogether.


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    Some have opened up healing centers, written books, facilitated retreats and workshops etc..

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