Is hamish blake dating megan gale

Paparazzi, I had to have bodyguards that first week.

More Megan Gale is the model who was told she was not quite right for Australia then found herself an instant superstar in Italy.

Prior to that it Id just done little jobs here and there.

Very sort of inconsistent, bookings and definitely struggling to pay the bills and having to ask Mum and Dad for cash which was obviously not the ideal scenario.

Because as well, while it was mad and crazy and sounds like it was quite overwhelming, I also knew that Id been given a great opportunity so I had to take the good with the bad and try and absorb as much normality back home when I could and then and then go back and go back into the crazy world again. Like I would get a lot of work but its a very small market and a lot less money than Sydney.

But then I was starting to get a little bit more work and I decided that I would give it one more year.

Like everyone else, I just thought well you know and Id made a point that year it being my last year that I wanted to do TV commercials and so it was definitely one a job that I wanted to get and then I got shortlisted and shortlisted and it came down to just two of us and I got it which was great and at the time I just thought another job.


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