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D., nutritional consultant and author of “Even though you have a goal in mind that you will work tirelessly for, remember that you are human and that everyone needs a rest.

“Most people hate to fail, and for good reason—failure is no fun. Question, learn, and acknowledge them, and then use that process to eliminate weaknesses and become better at what you do.” –Adam Bornstein, “Often when you’re excited about pursuing your dreams, people in your life can resist your path.

But those who perform best do so by building up their weaknesses rather than ignoring them. If you get hung up about this resistance, it will block your forward motion.

If you follow the path where everything comes easily, rather than trying to punch through brick walls and climb the tallest mountains all of the time, success comes much faster and much more pleasantly.” –Heidi Kristoffer, yoga instructor and part of the management and creative team at Strala Yoga in New York City“You can't achieve success, master a skill, or build friendships overnight, so be realistic about what it will really take time- and energy-wise to achieve your goal.” –Melina B. D., physician nutrition specialist and author of “Many people don't realize that they have one reserve to for their willpower; they don't have one for dieting, one for work, one for finances.

When resistors show up in your life, disengage from their opposition.

Say thank you for sharing and change the subject.” –Gabrielle Bernstein, motivational speaker, life coach, and author“Compartmentalize and think of every situation as its own opportunity.


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